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Exquisite Exclusive: Baby Breeze


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

In yet another Exquisite Exclusive, we got a chance to sit down with one of Charleston’s finest producers, Baby Breeze. It’s not often that you are able to see the face behind the music we all hear at parties, cookouts, and gatherings. You hear the beat tags, and you hear the rappers shout them out, but rarely do producers find it necessary to come from behind the board and step out of the studio to introduce themselves to the world. Read more

Can I Live? Social Media and Professionalism


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

As a new entrepreneur and professional, it has been quite the journey for me over the past year and a half building my brand and my business. Building the brand is expected to be difficult, but I never expected the world outside of my business would be so overwhelming and frustrating, to say the least. When you take on the responsibilites of being an entrepreneur you are essential the main brain behind the operation of your business, whatever it may be. But what alot of people don’t realize, when you sign the dotted line on becoming an entrepreneur, YOU as a person, no longer exist. Read more

Hair I Am by Katina: Natural Hair Care Tips


Welcome to Hair I Am by Katina, the new hair care and tips series to So Exquisite Charleston. This new series will feature Katina, owner of Hair I Am by Katina, giving us weekly articles and videos on hair care tips, styles, and techniquest to avoid those bad hair days. If you are interested at all in scheduling a hair appointment with Katina, have any questions, or want her to focus on a specifc topic for an episode, give her a call at 843-819-0079 or email her at hairiambykatina@hotmail.com. Enjoy and stay tuned for more! Read more