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Sports Highlights: Down to the Wire


Written by: Tyler Della Badia

Let’s face it – The only thing on your mind about the games from this past weekend were “the catch” or lack thereof from Dez Bryant at the 1-yard line, and how good the Indianapolis offense was (or how bad Peyton Manning looked).
Going into the weekend, I think most thought of the Patriot/Ravens game would be less intriguing than the game mentioned above. However, it came down to the wire, Joe Flacco leading his offense down the field in the 4th Quarter, as he had done many times before…in the playoffs. Continue reading

College Football Playoffs


Written by: Kellen Priester

Straight to the point! College Football Playoffs have been decided, and wouldn’t you know they let Ohio State on the scene. Classic NCAA favoritism, but still, we are about to witness what we have been begging for since the stone age, NCAA Playoffs. Before I get to the teams and predictions, why only four teams right? Continue reading

Is the world ready for a female President?


Written by: Rachel Word

While former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has not officially announced her intentions to run in the 2016 presidential race, many political commentators are asking when she will (not if she will), and some even believe that if she were to run she would inevitably win. Clinton has a very high public opinion. A 2012 study listed her as the “most admired woman in the world.” But, as a nation, and as a member of the global community, are we really ready for a female president? Continue reading

The “R” Word: The Redskins Debate

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

Written by: Rachel Word

I attended my first Redskins game, the 2014-2015 season home opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a lifelong resident of the DMV (D.C., Maryland, [Northern] Virginia), the Redskins team has been a part of my life, whether I realized it or not. However, it seems that whenever the team does well that they start to come under fire for the very thing that defines them: their name. Continue reading

NFL Week 3: Atlanta Falcons vs. Buccaneers Review


Written by: Joi Reddon

In the Thursday nights matchup between the Atlanta Falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers history was made as franchise and NFL records were broken. The Falcons finished out the night with one of the biggest wins in franchise history with their 56-14 victory over the Buccaneers. Continue reading

Must We Live in Fear?


Written by: Rachel Word

You have probably seen the news articles during your internet browsing or Facebook surfing. The product was developed by four college students from North Carolina State University. In short, a woman can put on this special nail polish, Undercover Colors, before going out to a bar or club, and if she is given a drink by a stranger, puts down her drink and walks away, etc. she can swirl her finger in the drink, and the nail polish will change color if the drink has been tampered with. Continue reading

Can I Live? Social Media and Professionalism


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

As a new entrepreneur and professional, it has been quite the journey for me over the past year and a half building my brand and my business. Building the brand is expected to be difficult, but I never expected the world outside of my business would be so overwhelming and frustrating, to say the least. When you take on the responsibilites of being an entrepreneur you are essential the main brain behind the operation of your business, whatever it may be. But what alot of people don’t realize, when you sign the dotted line on becoming an entrepreneur, YOU as a person, no longer exist. Continue reading

Deak’s Thoughts: The SolangeGate


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

It has become the top news story of the year, managed to make it to every blog, website, news station, radio show, news outlet in the world. The event that EVERYBODY knew about, and what EVERYONE was talking about the next workd day.The infamous elevator incident, or as the history books will call it, the SOLANGEGATE. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, or month, you may have no idea what I’m referring to, so let me give you a brief overview. Continue reading

Exquisite Movie Reviews: American Hustle


Let’s welcome another new segment to So Exquisite Charleston called, So Exquisite Movie Reviews! Our newest member of the So Exquisite Charleston family, Carminski, will give us the details on new movies out in theaters! So save yourself the trouble of going to see a bad movie, and see what Carminski thinks! Check out his first review of American Hustle in theaters now!

Sex and Relationships: Does Body Count matter?


Written by: Niarobi Shahiid

OK…I’m sure you all have heard the old saying,”You can lie to everyone but yourself,” so it is under that pretense in which the following article is based upon. We are about to explore a very touchy subject and that is the subject of “body count.” No I’m not speaking of the recent surge of senseless violence we are experiencing as of lately. I mean body count as in how many sex partners you have encountered, like we say “back in the day”(I’ve heard people in their early twenties use this term…emhem…loosely). “Body count”…just the terminology itself sounds scary to me. It is a topic that should be taken seriously and analyzed in all truth. So please, be truthful to yourselves and your partners (preferably) on this subject. I mean everyone has a past…right?

How much does it really matter? I can see if your body count can fill up the cemetery in the backyard of the church, as well as the overflow spaces on the sides. We have no reason to worry about such a thing, I guess. I’m sure we are all good, decent people…faithful and loyal. Right? Otherwise, we may as well go and find our own spot in the backyard of the church! Ok, now that we have that out of the way…we may continue to get to the point of our discussion. How important is it to you how many partners a person has “bagged” (or body bagged) when it comes to finding an intimate partner?

I mean even men of renown, the patriarchs whom set the standards and laid the foundations for many of our now global religions were polygamists! Some had wives by the hundreds, the thousands even! (Although this was not the norm) The women however, were subjugated to only one man and she had to be a pure virgin or else she was executed for such a heinous crime…fornication! This was punishable by the penalty of death! Double standard as it may seem, that was the law of the land at that point in time. There was no need for a Maury or Springer! What DNA test? That’s another issue within itself though.

I am by no means implying that it is ok for men to have a higher body count, especially when new sexually transmitted diseases are being invented every decade or so. Then again, under the religious laws of yester years, if a man really and truly wanted a particular woman…he would’ve had to marry her! I’m just saying God had that part figured out! That is if you believe in His Wisdom. What have we sacrificed as a society in the name of equality and what are the results of such sacrifices? Would we even be having such discussions? I admit it does make life a bit more interesting though.

Judge not…seems to be a popular theme in our society. After all, when you point your fingers towards someone else, you have three fingers and a thumb curling right back at you! Can we expect someone else to live up to the standards in which we are unable to uphold ourselves? It is a discussion worth having with your partner, but should you come from a judgmental stand point? Who cares about the whispering and snickering of others behind your back because of whom you have chosen to love? As long as your companion has exhibited the capacity to love and nurture you in a way satisfying to your soul and lives up to your standards…who cares what they say? Most people whisper about others to keep the attention off of their very own issues anyways. Besides, people do change.

Man was created from dirt and women from the rib bone, therefore men will always be a little dirty and women a little crooked. Yes, I said it! Burn me at the stakes later! First, allow me to explain…The rib bone is not a straight bone and if you put too much pressure into bending it in attempts to straighten it out, surely it will break! So…accept the rib bone for what it is and what it does. Appreciate the fact that it is the protector of our delicate vital organs! What about dirt though? Who likes getting dirty? But without dirt, how else would the beautiful flowers grow? Where would the trees take root? How would we produce the foods we eat to nourish ourselves? With that being said, keep in mind that no one is perfect! We have all sinned and have fallen short. Therefore we must also appreciate the dirt for the benefits it bestows upon us…but keep in mind that certain dirt stains can never be washed away!

Either side of the coin, the facts remain the same that this should be of concern to us all as we embark on our journeys into monogamy. Why? Some may ask. I’ll attempt to explain this to your rational thinking mind. Statistically, we as African Americans have a higher percentage of HIV/AIDS and many other sexually transmitted diseases…including HPV, which has been shown to be a leading cause to cervical and ovarian cancer. Yes, HPV can be transferred through sexual contact and it has not been proven to have adverse health effects on males. Ladies…that one wrong episode that your partner may have had in his past can eventually become your cancer of the future…I mean really think about that one…we can’t rule out Herpes either. Although Herpes has fallen below the radars since everyone seems to be on the lookout for HIV, Herpes has remained a problem within our society. Herpes has no cure, so be careful out there. As we all should know, HIV can go years without any symptoms, especially if your partner has not been tested. You cannot look at someone and come up with a proper health diagnosis. Please rely only on the diagnosis of a true health care professional.

Get tested! Sure everyone has a past and may deserve a chance at love, but use your rational thinking mind in your decision making process…or else you may just end up being another body tucked off discretely in someone else’s body count!