One of the many purposes of So Exquisite Charleston is to help other businesses grow and flourish just as we hope to. Now that we are both in print and online, we have awesome advertising opportunities for both! If you have a business, music, event, or anything you are looking to promote, check out our rates below!

*AS OF JULY 7TH, 2014*

Print Magazine Advertising Opportunities:

Back cover/back of the front cover full page advertisement: $250

Half page advertisement: $100

Column advertisement (next to an article): $75

Banner advertisement (top of the page or bottom of the page): $60

Business card advertisement: $50

The print magazine is released every TWO MONTHS, so there will be only SIX ISSUES to advertise in per year. The next issue will be released in July. If you are interested in advertising in that issue, the deadline to have payment in is SUNDAY, JUNE 8TH.

Online Website Advertising Opportunities:

Video advertisement: Video advertisements will be featured in video interviews, event coverage videos, or any So Exquisite Charleston videos. Spots for those would be in the beginning or at the end of the video. They would typically be a few seconds long of a flyer for an event or business, or artwork for an artist’s single or project.

JUST flyer or artwork advertisement: $30

*To add accompanying music to the flyer: $10

Music advertising: Music advertising would be having your music playing at the beginning, during, or the end of any interviews, event videos, or any So Exquisite Charleston videos.

Music placement advertising: $45

Payment can be accept via Paypal, money order, check, or cash.

If you are interested or have any further questions, email or call 843-469-0890.


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