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Exquisite Exclusive: Alexis Roberts


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

In Exquisite Exclusives, we typically highlight extraordinary people in the Charleston, or surrounding areas, who are doing awesome things in their community and have bright futures ahead of them. While there are, I’m sure, millions of people out there be “exquisite,” we sometimes forget the amazing people that we have working behind the scenes on our team! Read more

The Father to Father Project


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

No family is perfect by any means. Not everyone grows up in the perfect family with mom, dad, sister, brother, and baby. Not every girl or guy gets the white picket fence and the person of their dreams all the time. And because these dreams don’t always come true, the family dynamic has changed dramatically over the years. Not every kid grows up with a mommy and a daddy, some kids don’t have either. Read more

Exquisite Exclusive: Morning Star


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

Morning Star is not your average hair stylist. She can turn your hair into a masterpiece on your head, beat your face like no other, and give Naomi Campbell a run for her money on the runway. Talk about multi-talented! It’s not a surprise that Morning is a busy woman, and with building an empire, who has the time for anything?

When she isn’t traveling back and forth to the United States, she’s back in her home country of Canada spending time with family and friends, building her empire, and resting of course. With a plethora of talents, she’s created innovative ways to combine all of her talents into one. As she continues to travel and study, she’s bound to add more crafts to her list and continue to climb up the ladder of success. Check out my interview with her below: Read more

Exquisite Exclusive: Keith “K-Mac” McHoney


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

In another So Exquisite Exclusive, we meet up with world record breaking powerlifter, Keith McHoney. Known to many as K-Mac, he has been passionate about fitness and weightlifting since he was just a 14 year old in gym class. Determined to beat the odds and not be left behind, he has spent a great deal of his life going hard at his craft and being the best at what he does. Although he admits that he is shy, he will definitely give you a run for your money in any competition. Read more

Exquisite Exclusive: Lily Milion

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.07.43 PM

Written by: Kimberly Bowman

There are number of things that can be said about urban fashion designer, Lily Milion. To be only 22 years young, she’s taken the fashion world by storm with her line of, Ratchet Rich. Based in Seattle, Washington, the New York native has spread her wings and fashion sense to local and mainstream rappers. But she’s more than just fashion; she’s out to kick open doors for designers and dreamers everywhere. With a vision to big, it’s hard to just talk about Lily Milion, you have to experience her. Allow me to offer just a taste: Read more

Exquisite Exclusive: Bakari Sellers


Written by: Lachondria Taylor

In another Exquisite Exclusive, we got a chance to talk with political candidate, Bakari Sellers, who recently ran for South Carolina Lt. Governor. One of the youngest candidates to run, Mr. Sellers teaches us a lesson that I’m sure we are all familiar with:

Age ain’t nothing but a number.

Sellers brings old school ideals and values and mixes with his modern approach to politics, which has worked out well for him. At just 30 years old, Sellers has a lengthier political resume than most older politicians now. He’s made history as the youngest member of the state House of Representatives in 2006. When the odds have been against him, for I’m sure most of his career due to his age, he fought back and stayed focused. Although he may not have come out on top in the November 4th election, I’m sure that he will continue to make his presence known in politics and in the community.

With his impressive track record so far, hopefully his story was serve as inspiration for someone else. Don’t let your age create a boundary for you to follow your dreams or do what you desire. Let it give you strength, use it to your advantage, and be great. Check out our pre-2014 election interview with him inside! Read more

Exquisite Exclusives: Miss Sekaiya Price


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

The fashion and modeling industry has a reputation for being a very tough industry to be in, or to make some type of living in. Many people lose hope or get discouraged early on, but never have I seen such drive, passion, and confidence in someone so new to it all, and so young.

World…meet Sekaiya.

At first glance you would think she were older, but at just 15 years old, she could make Naomi Campbell shake in her boots. When she walks in the room, she turns heads, and when she speaks she will have you at full attention. Its heart warming to see someone so young have that type of effect, and take ownership of their future. Not only is she a rising fashion designer, but she can also shut down a runway or model battle with her impressive modeling style. With her thumb on the pulse of the fashion industry locally, there is no doubt that her talents will expand even further before she’s legal.

Louis Vitton, YSL, Michael Costello, better all watch their backs because Sekaiya is on the move and isn’t letting anything slow her down from chasing her dreams. Get to know this future fashion mogul inside in another one of our Exquisite Exclusives, and check out some of her designs below!. Read more

Exquisite Exclusives: Pink Mansion Beauty


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, whose the prettiest of them all? Well the one whose face is beat the best of course! Despite the increase of make up artists now, nobody in Charleston expanded themselves as Pink Mansion Beauty has. What started out as a young girl with a desire to make the world beautiful, has now become grown into a cosmetic line and make up artistry. Some make up artists apply just make up, the self proclaimed Barbie, gives life to her clients every time they sit in her chair or use her products. Her story is lesson that needs to be learn by all that no matter how low you start out, you can always create a way to make it to the top.

In another one of our Exquisite Exclusives, we got to chat with the busy make up savior, and get to the bottom of what it means to be “Beat by Barbie,” and what makes Pink Mansion Beauty so much more empowering than other cosmetics. Read more

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