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The MLK Picture Awards


Written by: Lachondria Taylor

The Martin Luther King Picture Awards is an annual ceremony honoring people from around the Lowcountry for their community work and service. Organized and started by our very own Wendall Gillard, he has been dedicated to the cause of helping the community and recognizing those who make a difference. This year’s gathering was no different from any other year. Members of the community and leaders from all around, filled Burke High School’s auditorium to honor those who have made Charleston great from the past and present. Read more

2nd Annual Detra Rainey Stop The Violence “Save A Life”


Written by: Lachondria Taylor

Christian Rainey is making it his duty to put an end to domestic violence against women here in Charleston. He’s turned an unfortunate and devastating experience into something extraordinary for the entire city to take part in. His story is such a memorable moment even for me. I was working at the school that his siblings attended, when I heard of the awful crime. Read more

8th Annual Day of Remembrance


Written by: Lachondria Taylor

So many broken hearts and tears fell from the mothers and fathers of victims as they tell stories of their loved ones being murdered. Monica Jefferson, whose name and face I know so well, tells us the story of how her son was killed on his 18th birthday. He would have been 19 this October, and still this mother has no closure on her son’s death, as the murderer has not been caught yet.

The Survivors of Homicide Support group hosted a National Day of Remembrance for Homicide victims and families to honor those we have lost to violent acts and crimes, including domestic violence. People gathered from far and wide in the conference room to reminisce and share stories of their loved ones. Although these victims may be gone, their parents, friends, and family members still continue to bring awareness to these acts, and help in getting justice for others. Read more

H1gher Learning Invades Sneaker


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

The summer has finally come to an end, and with the end of summer comes the back to school season. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, mountains of loose paper and notebooks, the dreaded uniforms, and clothes on top of clothes, on top of clothes. Sure, the school supplies and clothes are important, but for every kid in America, well…really anywhere, its your shoes that matter the most. Oh I remember the days of keeping up with the latest brand of shoes and styles, and driving my parents up a wall trying to get them to see why having these shoes was essential to me being successful in school and life of course. Oh and let you not have the hottest shoes on your first day, you can just kiss your reputation goodbye! Some may not understand the severity of being on point with your shoe game, but there are always just a few that get the idea. Read more

Tucka Comes to Charleston


Written by: Lachondria Taylor


The king of swing is what he’s called. The young, savvy, 20 something year old turned Memminger auditorium out last Saturday! With VIP available and the Touch Band opening the show, the people of Charleston came out in numbers for all the fun. The night was filled with tons of memorable moments, throughout the food, fun, and good vibes.

The most notable was when MC Buc Smoove and Dj Ez-B stopped the show for a moment of silence in memory of Monica Dixon-Bailey, who died in a car accident in July. Read more

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