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Know Your Rights When Interacting with the Police

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.34.14 AM

Written by: Kimberly Bowman

To protect and serve. A phrase that should hold weight for Americans, but instead now strikes fear, disgust, and disappointment in hearts and communities all over our nation. People are targeted and punished for their choice of clothing, their cultural beliefs, and for being themselves. Day after day, we add names onto t-shirts and social media memes, and shout for justice for those who have been fallen victim to a poor justice system and ignorant stereotypes by close-minded individuals. When does it stop? Continue reading

Sandra Bland: What you need to know and why you should know about her


Written by: Alexis Roberts

Once again, there’s a new hash tag bring made “#JusticeForSandraBland”. Usually in the news we see our black men getting killed by cops or someone who feels like they have some type of authority. In this case, our black women are also being killed by police officers. Why are black lives not being valued? Continue reading

Internet Bullying is bad mkay?


Written by: Alexis Roberts

Remember when you would get picked on in class for wearing glasses? Or simply just not dressing like everyone else? Once the Internet started taking off, so did bullying. It went from the classrooms, to social media. Internet trolls have taken over Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I personally believe it’s this way because people can now hide behind an online username instead of face-to-face confrontation. Continue reading

7 Things You Should Leave Behind in 2014


Written by: Alex Repulski

A new year, a new you right? It’s a saying that’s really lost its appeal over the years. Regardless of how watered down the phrase has become over the pass couple CENTURIES, it still gives people some glimmer of hope going into the new year that things will get better, life will get easier, and maybe they will actually lose that stubborn 10 pounds.

2014 was a trying year for us all, and in order to make 2015 a fantastic one, you’ve got to let go some of the bad habits we’ve all acquired during the past 365 days of our lives. Here is our top 7: Continue reading

The Black Woman’s Eulogy for Maya Angelou


Written by: Kimberly Bowman

I went to sleep with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart when I heard the news. She was gone. Gone away from the pain, ignorance, and suffering in the world that we currently reside in. The society she fought hard to change and to improve, but had somehow let her down. But in spite, she still stood tall with her head held high, as she had always done. Continue reading

Is the world ready for a female President?


Written by: Rachel Word

While former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has not officially announced her intentions to run in the 2016 presidential race, many political commentators are asking when she will (not if she will), and some even believe that if she were to run she would inevitably win. Clinton has a very high public opinion. A 2012 study listed her as the “most admired woman in the world.” But, as a nation, and as a member of the global community, are we really ready for a female president? Continue reading

Rock the Vote Nov. 4th: Candidate Eric L. Mack


Written by: Lachondria Taylor

Charleston, allow me to introduce to you one of the many worthy candidates running for the Charleston County School Board, Mr. Eric L. Mack!

Mr. Mack is a Charleston native, hailing from Wadmalaw Island, and grew up in Charleston county schools, which drives his desire to run for office. He’s a devoted husband and father two children, one who is still in the school system, and another who is a proud graduate from it. Continue reading

A Letter to Janay Rice

Janay Rice

Written by: Alex Repulski

Dear Janay Rice,

It’s confusing to me that I would even have to say this to you, but from woman to woman it is necessary. I may not know you personally, but as a black woman, we share an indirect bond with one another and with other black women out there. So when you hurt, I hurt. When you cry, I cry. To watch that video, and see what your “husband” did to you, breaks my heart. But it kills me even more to know that you have chosen to stand by him and his ugly decision. Continue reading

The “R” Word: The Redskins Debate

Washington Redskins at Dallas Cowboys

Written by: Rachel Word

I attended my first Redskins game, the 2014-2015 season home opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars. As a lifelong resident of the DMV (D.C., Maryland, [Northern] Virginia), the Redskins team has been a part of my life, whether I realized it or not. However, it seems that whenever the team does well that they start to come under fire for the very thing that defines them: their name. Continue reading