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Exquisite Eats: Stuffed Green Peppers


Written by: Chef Breeze

I LOVE stuffed peppers. I did my own variation of this dish when I first found my love of cooking. I made it for my parents and my boyfriend at the time who happened to LOVE how it tasted. Too bad I dumped him a few months later. There is a lot of flavor packed in a dish like this so feel free to broaden your horizons and substitute things on this list. Read more

Exquisite Eats: Loaded Potato & Chicken Casserole


Written: Chef Breeze

I’m sure we have all been there.

You and your partner dragging your bodies home after a long day of working. You pass out on the couch for a few minutes and then try to decide what to eat for dinner. Let’s not forget the challenge of figuring out whose turn it is to cook. But it has nothing on the war on what to eat. You want one thing, they want something else. You bicker for a while, maybe throw things back and forth. Eventually one of you gives in to the other and then all is well…for the moment. Read more

Exquisite Eats: Little Oreo Cheesecakes


Written by: Chef Breeze

Brace yourself. You are about to have food-gasm.

A delicious treat for yourself after a long day of working out, or maybe even a sweet dessert at a small dinner party. If you are on a healthy kick, I definitely recommend getting low fat oreos, and lighten up on the sugar and vanilla. Or if you want to mix and match and experiment with flavor, use some of the different flavor oreos. Read more

Exquisite Eats: Roti Rolls



Written by: Fred Legare

For everyone who are constantly on the go, check out the food truck “Roti Rolls”. Cory Burke is the cook and owner. So you know you’re going to get the best possible service. They opened in 2010, and won Charleston’s “Best Food Truck Award” ever since. They are locally sourced, and use locally grown produce. Burke describes the food at Roti Rolls as “Korean Caribbean Southern Fusion type.”

They have dishes for every type of eater. Beef lovers, pork lovers, chicken lovers, and even for vegans. I chose to have the “Thurman Merman”. I was great, with a nice spicy kick. One of my favorite side dishes is the Creole Mac and Cheese. Yep! I said it! Be sure to get yourself a great pick-me-up at Roti Rolls, and check them out at

roti rolls truck 2

roti rolls big logo

roti rolls truck

thurman merman2

Exquisite Eats: The Tattooed Moose


Written by: Fred Legare

If you live in Charleston, and you haven’t been to The Tattooed Moose, we’re gonna have a problem! Where do I begin? First, there’s plenty beer available. Second, the vibe is incredible. Third, there’s a HUGE moose head mounted behind the bar!!! What more do you need? Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a moose up close, but let me tell you, it freaking bananas man! Read more

Good Mood Food with Chef Levins


Written: Kimberly Bowman

“Good Mood Food.” Even the term just makes me hungry! But what exactly is it? On the surface it just means, food that makes you feel good. Well, that is true because food makes us all feel good! By satisfying our hunger, easing our soul, and for some, putting us to sleep. But in the sensational mind of the soulful Chef Levins, Good Mood Food is an experience. Its more than just that first bite, and the last belch after you’ve devoured your plate of food. Read more

NuChefNsit​es: How Sweet Is It Really?


Written by: Shekira Levins

Ahhhh The taste of fresh fruits: Mango, cherries, pineapples, blueberries, apricots,image apples, melons, grapefruits, limes, and lemons. Did you know your body smells and taste like what you consume? Ask yourself this question: Are you sweet and ripe or are you a salty and bitter person? Who are you eating and what’s eating you?

Read more