Conscious Corner: Honor Thy Father


Written by: Christine Smith Washington

Honor Thy Father

I will stand on you! May I stand on you?

The patriarch to our stock. The head of a generation. The thick oxygenated blood that pumps life into limbs, from pounding hearts! God’s gift graciously given, to the citizens of mothers and CHILDREN… are the MEN!

Can I stand on you? Meaning can we depend on you? To be loved protected and directed as we hop aboard, making attempts to maneuver this coarse course. Can I stand on broad backs of bronze, ebony and mahogany that are able to withstand hurt, helplessness or hate? Perfecting it, and then correcting it into healing, unity and aid.

You as our fathers, papas, dads, daddy and pops. Don’t ever think for a second… that you’re not needed to fill those spots! A paternal lantern to burn unsecured bridges, then repaving new asphalt for us to walk…on towards a better ending result. The hand that clenches, pulling us ashore…out of the trenches! The judge over turning or rendering the sentence, so that costly mistakes…won’t take us to a lifelong prison.

May I stand on you? Resting safely on brave shoulders, that aren’t afraid to tote us! While you dig thru spoiled soil to expand legacies, by burying seeds to nurture our history…of family trees. I will stand with you! Once I’ve grown older. To allow the world outside, and all others with prying eyes…marvel at how well you’ve shaped and molded us.

You are our parent, our guardian, our shelter, our support system and refuge! My admiration for your constant dedication, in raising future villagers to lead our nations…far exceeds the wing reach of an eagle! It’s regal! Reign on my kings! I am who I am and we are who we are, because of your acts of heroism, leadership and inanimate wisdom!

Your daughters, wives, mothers and sons are proud of the job you’ve done! we salute you and will forever stand on you, by you and with you! From city to city, state to state and border to border! As we pay tribute and give honor to our fathers!

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